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Bristol Folk - Mark Jones

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Title: Bristol Folk
Author: Mark Jones
Publisher: Bristol Folk Publications
Paperback: 216 pages
Book Dimensions: 24.6 x 17.2 x 1.4cm
Paperback version: ISBN 978-0-9563531-0-8
ePub version*: ISBN 978-0-9563531-8-4
Keywords: Folk music; modern folk; blues; soft rock; Bristol; Adge Cutler; Wurzels; Saydisc; Village Thing; acid-folk; psych-folk; 1960s blues boom; Troubadour; Stonehouse; Plastic Dog; Rodney Matthews; Steve Tilston; Keith Christmas; Shelagh McDonald; Ian Anderson; fRoots; Al Jones; Fred Wedlock; Bob Stewart; Pigsty Hill; folk discography.


"Bristol Folk" features painstakingly researched profiles of all the artists known to have recorded in and around Bristol’s vibrant folk scene in the 1960s and 1970s: from Ian Anderson’s country blues to the manic 1920s jug-based jazz of the Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra; from Adge Cutler & the Wurzels’ novelty rural folk to the sophisticated bedsit images of Shelagh McDonald; from the rustic rock of Stackridge to the finely-crafted ‘psych blues’ of Al Jones; from the magical ballads of Bob Stewart to ethereal pop hits by Sally Oldfield; from the inspired, original guitar work of Dave Evans to the ‘acid folk’ of Keith Christmas – and much more.

Amongst those who contributed specially-written pieces are Ian Anderson, Andy Leggett, Saydisc’s Gef Lucena, Rodney Matthews (yes, the world-famous fantasy artist started out designing LP sleeves and gig posters for Bristol’s folk set), Bob Stewart, Steve Tilston, Keith Warmington and the late and much lamented Fred Wedlock, all of whose diverse careers either started in Bristol or were shaped by their time on Bristol’s folk scene.

The book also looks at Saydisc and Village Thing, both of which labels released many now highly collectable folk records, as well as at Bristol’s numerous folk clubs – from the Troubadour, which put Bristol firmly on the national folk map between 1966 and 1971, and the Stonehouse, to the now less well-remembered, but equally-missed clubs, such as Bristol Ballads & Blues, White On Black, Folk Blues Bristol & West and many more.

At a glance

  • In depth profiles of over 30 artists and coverage of many more
  • Personal reminiscences from many of those on the folk scene
  • 34 pages of illustrations, including many previously unpublished photographs
  • Histories of the numerous folk clubs and two main record labels
  • A comprehensive discography listing more than 180 Bristolian folk gems (well, ok, a few dogs as well)
  • A listing of CD re-issues and artists' current websites

*ePub version

What is the difference between the ePub and paperback versions?:

The main difference is that the ePub version is text only and does not include images. Also the summary artist discographies do not include track listings in the ePub version - this information, however, is readily available online on websites such as and

The short CD discography and appendix detailing artist websites have been removed from the ePub version because this information is constantly changing as either new CDs are issued or as old CDs are deleted. The same goes for web addresses in that already several of the links listed in the paperback now lead only to a 'Page does not exist' message.

What the reviews are saying:

"...a remarkable book..." - fRoots

"Remarkably researched - I am flabbergasted by the fellow's diligence" - Pete Frame

“...a thoroughly absorbing work of reference – to term it as simply a book would be a gross understatement...” - English Song and Dance magazine, Clive Pownceby

“Breezily written, with well-researched vinyl and CD discographies” **** (4 stars) - Record Collector