Tabitha Miggins: Ship's Cat (On the Pill Ferry) book jacket

Tabitha Miggins: Ship's Cat (On the Pill Ferry) - Philippa Perry

Paperback price: £10.99

ePub price: £5.99

Title: Tabitha Miggins: Ship's Cat (On the Pill Ferry) (paperback and ePub versions)
Author: Philippa Perry
Publisher: Bristol Folk Publications
Paperback version: ISBN 978-0-9563531-6-0
ePub version: ISBN 978-0-9563531-5-3
Keywords: Tabitha Miggins, tabby cats, ship's cat, Pill, North Somerset, River Avon, Pill Ferry, cats, Bristol, Bristol Channel, pirates, smugglers, cannibals, beer, real ale, Duke of Cornwall, badgers, Pill Creek, Adge Cutler, Shirehampton


Tabitha Miggins is a special kind of heroine, possibly unique in the annals of literary fiction. Brave, furry, resolute, bushy-tailed, adventurous and bewhiskered, her hobbies include knitting and Milk Stout and she certainly does not let I dare wait upon I would.

Read it now and marvel to fur-raising adventures with pirates, smugglers and cannibals on the magical island of Brindle Holm - or relax in the snug of The Duke on the North Somerset bank of the River Avon in sleepiest Pill with friends both big and small.

Tabitha's friends include Willard the well-hard mallard, Nutter Slater, Clarence the cross-eyed badger, Whitebeard the pirate, Rat-a-Tat Ginger, Sticky Paws O'Grady and Lavinia (AKA Old-Tail-Up-For-The-Lads). Amongst Tabitha's short list of mortal enemies (not counting an island-full of cannibals) is the evil-minded Smuckle. Baddies don't come much badder!

One thing is for sure, elderly tabby cats will never be the same again...but were they ever the same before?


  • 1. Welcome to the fleet
  • 2. Tabitha Miggins goes in the pot
  • 3. Cobblers, hobblers, hobbledehoys
  • 4. Tabitha Miggins walks the plank
  • 5. Sic itur ad Ducem
  • 6. Tabitha Miggins and the curious tale of the dancing puffin
  • 7. The lives and times of two Colonial Companions
  • 8. Tabitha Miggins and the parrot that knew too much
  • 9. Life's a lot like knitting

What the Press is saying about Tabitha Miggins

  • "A tail ... full of sound and furry, signifying knitting." Walton in Gordano Clarion
  • "At last, after all the Hobbits and Harry Potters, a believable children's character for once." Portbury Echo
  • "Tabitha Miggins is assured a place in the annals of beloved literary creations and her sayings will doubtless become household phrases. 'Life's a lot like knitting' speaks to my wife, though my cows voted for 'What's the point of being blessed with good wind if you can't let it out in public?' Or was it the other way around? It's sometimes hard to tell until milking time." Wraxall Farming Weekly
  • "Tabitha Miggins is a worthy heroine for our times. Resolute, furry, brave, adventurous, bushy-tailed and forthright. She certainly does not let I dare wait upon I would. And neither should you. Read it now!" Failand Herald
  • "This book successfully treads a very difficult line between juvenile and adult humour. Children will laugh at one set of jokes, but beware of reading it to your kids. They'll keep asking you why you're laughing at bits that they don't find funny. We particularly liked the one about the bishop, the badger in lipstick and the K-Y Jelly, but it seems it got edited out before publication. Shame." The Posset
  • "We just can't wait for the musical - and in our considered opinion David Hasselhoff would make a purrfect Smuckle." Clevedon Daily Post
  • "Absolute rubbish. I mean, who on earth could believe in a talking cat? What young people need is strong belief in Christianity to give their lives meaning." North Somerset Christian Bugle
  • "If this book doesn't turn knitting into the next big Olympic sport, then I'll eat my woolly hat." Abbot's Leigh Women's Institute Knitting Circle Journal
  • "Yet more pointless anthropomorphism along the lines of a poor Beatrix Potter with a soupcon of badly-copied Richard Adams thrown in for good measure. Supposed to be humorous. Fails on all levels. I wish it bon voyage. Next time send me some money along with the review copy if you want a good review - of course, it goes without saying that you won't print this last bit." The Tickenham Tatler
  • "Move your business to Ham Green Business Park now. Cheap rates. Free manure." The Ham Green Advertiser
  • "Rule Tabitha! Tabitha rules the waves! Kittens never, never, never shall be slaves." Pill Gazette
  • "Great stuff this Miggins Mild. Oh Glasgae - hic!" Pill Brewery internal memo
  • "We've never heard of Brindle Holm, but we like the chapter with Belinda." Steep Holm Standard incorporating Puffin News
  • "Watch out lads, evidently there's another island out in the Bristol Channel that we didn't know about. Try not to hit it." Bristol Port Company Staff Bulletin: Stop Press